Will Bryant

01_Hi, introduce yourself!

My name is Will Bryant. I’m 33 years old and listen to NPR every morning. I love basketball and still play in a city league every Monday. I also really like patterns, vibrant colors, and wacky shapes. I grew up in east Texas playing sports, trying to standout while trying to fit in, and occasionally making stuff. I’ve tried to position myself as an artist for hire that is fun, approachable, and easy to work with. I often collaborate with brands on promotional projects, mural installations, events, apparel design, editorial illustration, packaging design, visual identities, and also have strong desire to make more gallery work. The work is exuberant, slightly irreverent at times, struggles to be critical, and 95% of time is wacky/goofy/playful.
僕の名前はWill Bryant。33歳でナショナル・パブリック・ラジオを毎朝聞いてるよ。バスケットボールが大好きで未だに毎週月曜日に地元のリーグでプレイしているんだ。それと同じように僕は模様や鮮やかな色、風変わりなシェイプを扱うのが好きなんだ。僕は東テキサスで育ったから、その土地に馴染んで自分を確立していくためにスポーツをしたり、物を作ったりして育ちました。

02_What type of artist you are?

I work with a lot of mediums including acrylic, ink, and digital tools like Procreate and Photoshop. It just depends on the project to what I end up utilizing.
アクリル、インク、デジタルツールなど、多くのメディアを使用して作業するよ。「プロクリエイト」 や 「フォトショップ」 などといった感じかな。何を使ってやるかは、プロジェクト次第かな。

03_Please tell us about where you live. Is there any recommend spot near by?

I’m based in USA in Austin, Texas. Oh I have a huge list! Anyone can send me an email and I’ll share. Some favorite spots in town that involve friends include: Last Straw, Better Half, Fleet, Hotel San Jose, Austin Motel, JoAnn’s, Fairweather Cider, and Bufalina.
僕は基本的にアメリカのテキサス州のオースティンにいるよ。僕にはたくさんのリストがあるんだ!誰でも僕にメールを送ってもらえれば共有するよ。街のお気に入りの場所は、友人の場所を含め、Last Straw, Better Half, Fleet, Hotel San Jose, Austin Motel, JoAnn’s, Fairweather Cider, それに Bufalinaかな。

04_What do you do for the weekend?

I typically spend time with my family: my wife Sally, daughter Polly (almost 5 years old) and son James (3 months old). Polly and I often watch Pee Wee’s Playhouse together every Saturday and then whole fam goes to get bagels at Brew & Brew. We enjoy going on family hikes, building with legos, and shooting hoops in the driveway.
基本的には僕の家族:妻のSally、娘のPolly(5歳くらい)、そして息子のJames(3ヶ月) と過ごす時間だよ。Pollyと僕はよく土曜日にPee Wee’s Playhouseって古い子供向け番組を一緒に見て、そして家族みんなでBrew & Brewでベーグルを食べるんだ。僕ら家族はハイキングをしたり、レゴを組み立てたり、道路でバスケをして楽しんでいるよ。

05_How did you start your career of art?
There were some indications of a creative career growing up, but it really wasn’t until I attended Mississippi State (2004-2008) for a BFA in graphic design that I really started to make illustrative work and develop a style. While in school, I started reaching out to bands on MySpace to make merch for them. I also was deejaying ridiculously themed dance parties with stage installations, animations, and costumes. This was very informative to be developing a sensibility with color and putting my personality into work. After undergrad I continued freelance illustration for 3 years in Austin, TX before moving to Portland, OR to attend Portland State University for my MFA in contemporary art. My career as a full-time creative was not necessarily by design, but developed organically over time. One project leading to the next in addition to my wife being extremely supportive along the way.

06_How was the collaboration work with AKTR?
It was way fun and such an easy going process! I hope we’re able to make more pieces together in the future.

07_What’s next? Is there any big news coming up?
I have several large mural installations on the calendar, a trip to Verona Italy for a basketball related project, and hoping to do some swimming during the hot Texas summer.

ARTIST:  Will Bryant

Will Bryantはテキサス州オースティンに住むグラフィックデザイナー/アーティストです。

Will Bryant is a graphic designer, artist, and educator currently living Austin Texas.
His work weaves together humor with commerce, fun, and positivity. In his sculptural installations, photographic still lives, and commercial illustration projects, there is always a sense of exuberance at play with a colorful palette.